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Letters Home

We know that letters home don't always make it there on time, or may get lost. Therefore we will send a message to parents whenever a letter is sent home and also provide you with a digital copy here available to download throughout the year. 



Maths with parents 7th September 2018 Year 1 and 2 parents
School admission 11th September 2018 Year 6
Secondary Open Days 13th September 2018 Year 6
McMillan Coffee Morning 13th September 2018 All years
Maths pack 14th September 2018 Year 1
Tapestry 18th September 2018 Reception
Flu Immunisation 19th September 2018 Reception, Y 1,2,3,4 and 5
Quiz Night 24th September 2018 All years
Hot Chocolate Night and Book Fayre 28th September 2018 All years
NSPCC letter 1st October 2018 All years
Under the Sea menu 1st October 2018 All years
Immunisation letter 3rd October 2018 Reception, Y 1,2,3,4 and 5