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Best-selling children’s author visit Oasis Academy New Oak

Best-selling children’s author visit Oasis Academy New Oak

Best-selling children’s author visits Oasis Academy New Oak

Keen readers were thrilled when popular author of the book series, ‘Who Let the Gods Out’, Maz Evans, spent the day (Friday 8th March) at Oasis Academy New Oak celebrating stories and promoting a love of reading.

Students were captivated by Evans’ funny and inspirational assembly about how she became an author. During the assembly, Evans shared important messages about perseverance and encouraged children to talk about their problems with trusted adults.

A student asked the author “Who were her favourite authors?” to which Evans replied, “Roald Dahl and J.K Rowling are a massive inspiration to me because at the heart of their books they deal with difficult issues.”

Another child asked, “Did she have any tips on being an author?”

“Reading is the seedbed to becoming an author. Read, read and read and when you’ve finished reading a book, pick up another book and read it. Your brains are like sponges soaking up all this information and the best thing you can do to become an author is read as much as you can.”     

The whole-school assembly was followed by creative writing workshops for every year group that prompted children to use their imagination to write their own stories.

During the workshops Evans revealed the ingredients to her ‘story stew’ and taught children how to create stories, showing them that everyone has the ability to be a fantastic writer.

Year 2 student, Tyler, commented on the workshop, “It was amazing!” Sherelle, a year 6 student added, “I learnt to enjoy reading and to never give up.”

While Ruby from Year 5 said, “I enjoyed the assembly the most and learning about Maz’s trials and errors she made trying to write her first book.”

Mrs Muriel Wilkins, Principal of Oasis Academy New Oak, added: “We’ve had the most exciting day celebrating books, writing and reading with Maz. Children were hooked on her every word during assembly and thoroughly engaged in the creative writing workshops.

Maz has inspired our children to write and read more which is brilliant! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end World Book Day 2019.”