Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Autism Resource Base Tour Dates

We will be holding  tours for our Autism Resource Base throughout the year for people to come and visit the academy if they are thinking of choosing Oasis Academy New Oak for their child.

  Date Time
1 Wednesday 21st September 2022 15:45
2 Thursday 20th October 2022 15:45
3 Monday 21st November 2022 15:45
4 Wednesday 15th December 2022 15:45
5 Thursday 12th January 2023 15:45
6 Monday 6th February 2023 15:45
7 Monday 13th March 2023 15:45
8 Wednesday 20th April 2023 15:45
9 Thursday 18th May 2023 15:45
10 Monday 12th June 2023 15:45
11   Wednesday 12th July 2023 15:45

To book your tour, please either email us at or you can ring the office at 01275 894570 to book your place.

Please also make the SEN team at Bristol Council aware if you would like a space for your child in our Autism Resource Base. They will help you with the process.