At Oasis Academy New Oak we believe that learning should be a journey of discovery and excitement at all stages. Therefore we aim to provide challenging and engaging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. Our curriculum is framed around key texts in English and based on enquiry questions in science and humanities.  Whenever possible links are made between subjects so that students see the connections between different areas of study.  We believe that knowledge matters and we want to ensure that each student has a secure knowledge base about the world before they move on to the next phase of their education. 

In order to see the value in what they are learning our students'' experiences should be firmly rooted in their day-to-day life. We want the lessons our children learn to carry with them outside of our classrooms and build the foundations of a passion for learning. In order to help us do this we want our parents to know what their children are learning each term.

To do this we provide a breakdown of what is taught in class in each topic. These are called our Curriculum Termly Maps. If your child comes home and says they did Art today, you can find out what the focus of Art is that term. If they can't describe what they were learning in Maths, you'll know what the topic is from the Curriculum Map. 

We follow the National Curriculum guidelines and also offer extra curricular opportunities for learning. Core Subjects covered in our curriculum are:

  • English - speaking listening, reading, and writing 
  • Phonics - we follow the Phonics Bug phonics programme from Reception upwards.
  • Speaking and Listening - effective and confident communication across audiences
  • Reading - we teach reading skills daily and have a wide selection of books to challenge our young people 
  • Writing - creative and confident writing
  • Mathematics - numeracy, problem solving and reasoning
  • Science - learning to hypothesise, test predictions and draw conclusions about the world
  • Computing - basic ICT skills and e-safety
  • Religious Education - developing a mutual respect and understanding of different beliefs and cultures
  • Humanities - history and geography
  • Design Technology - building inquisitive and creative minds
  • Music - learning to play the recorder, understand how music can make us feel
  • Art - mediums and perspectives
  • PSHE - British values, citizenship, sex and relationships
  • PE - swimming, athletics, football, netball, rounders
  • French - from Year 3 to Year 6

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If you have any questions about the curriculum please feel free to contact the Academy and the Principal or Assistant Principal will get back to you.