Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness for Positive Mental Health

Here at New Oak, we are keen to develop the whole school community's understanding of mental health. Our aim is to provide children and staff with the tools to manage challenging times as well as strategies for maintaining good emotional fitness throughout their lives. The term 'emotional fitness' is the perfect way to change the way in which mental health can be perceived. At New Oak it is important that children are taught the skills to understand and manage their emotions in the same way we teach multiplication or phonics.  We believe that emotional and physical fitness go hand in hand. As a school we are on a journey to develop, integrate and embed social and emotional education into our everyday school life. We want our children to feel comfortable to talk about how they are feeling and how they can support themselves and others to stay emotionally fit! 

At New Oak, mental health and emotional fitness are woven through our PHSE curriculum from Reception right through to Year 6.  All year groups have a well-being week at the start of the year.  PHSE lessons cover the following topics:

  • What are feelings? 
  • What is the difference between small and big feelings?
  • What groups and communities am I a part of?
  • What happens when the body grows from young to old?
  • To know how feelings affect my behaviour.
  • To know how to manage feelings.
  • Bone and muscle nutrition.
  • What changes happen to my body?
  • To know what mental health is.
  • Recognise warning signs around mental health.
  • Growing and changing – sexual reproduction & puberty.
  • How can I challenge negative thoughts and feelings?
  • What is stereo-typing?
  • How can the internet positively and negatively affect mental health?
  • To know strategies and behaviours that support mental health.