Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Support for Parents

What is Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing?

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. At New Oak, we firmly believe in the importance of supporting every single person in our school community to be mentally healthy because our emotional wellbeing is just as important as our physical health. 

Being mentally healthy means that we feel positive about ourselves and our relationships with others whilst remembering that there are times where we all feel sad, frightened, unhappy and nervous and this is a completely normal part of life. Having good mental health means that we develop the skills and resilience to bounce back from these feelings and emotions and cope with the demands of life. Good mental health also means that we can identify when support is needed and ask others for help.

Often, life's events are beyond our control. At New Oak, we prioritise the emotional wellbeing of all of our school community through a careful programme of activities and support to enable us all to manage these events successfully. We also like to use the term emotional fitness and through our well planned PHSE lessons and 9 habit assemblies, our aim is to ensure we build the emotional fitness of our school community. 

For emergencies regarding a young person's mental health families should go to A and E.

The crisis line is one step down from that - The Bristol CAMHS crisis line ( 0117 340 8570) is for parents/carers who are at crisis point and need immediate advice.  

If a young person is on the CAMHS waiting list, and are finding that their mental health is deteriorating and need advice, they can ring up their local CAMHS team to get advice from a clinician on Duty.  In the south that would be the number for Knowle Clinic: 0117 919 0330.   

Other Useful Numbers
  • CAMHS Emergency Response Line (24/7): 0800 953 9599
  • CAMHS Intensive Outreach Team: 01179192360
  • Childline (24/7): 08001111
  • Samaritans: 116123
  • Tess (text service Tuesday - Thursday 7pm - 9.30pm): 07537432444

What does Oasis Academy New Oak do?

At New Oak we offer a range of activities and support to develop the emotional wellbeing of the whole school. This includes:

  • Emotional fitness and mental health activities in every class - we encourage children to check in every morning to identify how they are feeling before the day begins, we have worry monsters and calm down corners in all classrooms with self-soothe tools available.
  • Literature is carefully picked to exploit learning opportunities .
  • A dedicated mental health team who meet on a regular basis.
  • All classes have an interactive feelings board where they can share how they are feeling.
  • A dedicated pastoral team who deliver interventions of support through nurture, lego therapy, ELSA and Learning mentor support, as well as drawing and talking therapy.
  • Additional physical activity with our sports coach weekly.
  • We have trained Well Being Champions who offer Peer led support and advice.
  • The Cloud was developed last year and has lots of resources/activities to support parents and children.  Below are just a few books that we have.  The Cloud is situated outside our Rainbow Room and can be accessed on Tuesday and Thursday’s afterschool when the Treehouse is open.  Speak to Sinéad for more information.