Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Mini SLT

To join the Mini Senior Leadership Team (Mini SLT), aspiring year 6s send their applications, complete with references, and have interviews with Mr Allan. Mr Allan reviews the applications and elects the team based on who he thinks will bring the most positivity, maturity and thoughtfulness to the role.

They meet weekly with Mr Allan to discuss ways that New Oak life could be improved and to plan exciting new initiatives. These initiatives are then implemented; if a project from the Mini SLT goes well, it becomes a permanent fixture at New Oak.

The Mini SLT review New Oak life from the perspective of our pupils to give staff a unique insight into what's going well and what could be improved. This ensures we're always moving in the right direction and working on projects to improve school life for everyone.

For instance, one of the more recent changes brought about by the Mini SLT is a Wet Play Box for every year group, which is a box full of equipment for when it’s too wet for the pupils to go outside at breaktime.

If you'd like to see the Mini SLT's Wet Play Box appeal, please click here

Past projects:  

  • Peer support: Year 6 children are now spending 1 lunchtime a week with KS1 to help children with their learning, friendship, and play. 
  • Wet play boxes and the New Oak Wishlist: A box for each year group full of equipment to use during wet plays. A list of everything we need to complete each box. 

Current Project

  • Dojo rewards review: Sending surveys out to the school to see which Dojo rewards are working most effectively. Working to implement new and improved rewards for pupils in the future.
    To read more on our Dojo Rewards, please click here

Future Projects:

  • Anti-bullying campaign.
  • Litter picking campaign.

Mini SLT Gallery


Wet Play Box Appeal