Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy MPs

The Academy MPs have been voted for by their peers to be the voice of their classes. They meet with our deputy principal Miss. Black and raise any positive changes they or their classmates believe could be introduced to school life. By supporting in key decisions that affect all the pupils at New Oak, our Academy MPs build on their confidence, communication and cooperation skills. 

Past Projects:

Value posters: The Academy MPs had regular meetings to discuss what it means to be a 'New Oakian'. They then created posters and slogans to promote New Oak's values: kindness, respect, resilience and curiosity. 

Kindness roleplays: They also made roleplays highlighting the importance of kindness and how we can demonstrate it in our school lives. Once they had finished, they showed their work in assembly to share it with their peers. 

Multiplication strategy: The Academy MPs had an input into the whole school multiplication strategy and chose suitable songs for each class to learn to help them remember their times tables.

Current Project:

Attendance strategy: The Academy MPs have been supporting our approach to attendance and have given lots of ideas to encourage children to come to school everyday. One highlight is raffles where children have the chance to win Dojo point vouchers and Dojo experiences. If you'd like to learn more about Dojo points please click here.

Future Projects:

Blog: Throughout the year, the Academy MP’s will be writing a blog to ensure everyone is kept up to date with all the exciting things that happen at New Oak!