Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour & Rewards

The key to building positive behaviors and habits is through a strong and well deserved reward system. Here at Oasis Academy Primary New Oak we believe that building our young people's esteem and and confidence through rewards is vital to creating a harmoneous and motivational learning environment. 

Pupil Raffle Rewards

Pupil are given raffle tickets when they display any of the behaviours listed below:

  • Excellent presentation of work, or completion of work to a high standard 
  • Great leadership skills
  • Excellent effort in class
  • Being courteous of others
  • Great progress over the week
  • Displays of courage or bravery
  • Displays of exceptional kindness to others
  • Sporting excellence

One boy and one girl are picked out in the weekly raffle during our celebration assembly on Friday afternoon.  Every teacher also selects two students everyweek who have worked hard, made a special effort or simply been a good role model to others.  The reasons are shared in our Friday assembly.

Parent Celebration Assembly

Every term we hold a special Parent Celebration Assembly and lots of parents attend.  It is an opportunity for the academy to showcase all the good work we have done every term in our termly montage.  It is also a special time where each teacher selects 'the learner of the term' and presents them with a certificate.  In addition, the Principal also selects one student from each class who has demonstrated how well they live out our motto to 'work hard, look smart and be nice'.

Birthdays at Oasis Academy New Oak

If it is your birthday then we want to help you celebrate! Our academy lets all children wear the special birthday badge and get first pick throughout the day on their birthdays. Children are permitted to bring in a cake or small treats should they wish, and have a special allocated slot towards the end of the day where their birthday is celebrated.